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Organizational structure

The organizational structure of the project is characterized by consisting of a number of country teams and committees that are coordinated centrally with clear established links between institutions.

Countries teams have been established that are responsible for implementing the project in their country in a coordinated manner with the other country teams. Participants of the previous Equity-LA project will provide scientific support to the new partners during the whole project.

The project management committee consists of the principal investigators of each participating institution and is responsible for the planning of project activities, the decision making on the project management and the follow-up of the research, and finally for guaranteeing that the project objectives are achieved.

The international scientific committee – consisting of key experts in the research fields – will meet annually to revise and comment on annual work plans and elaborated reports.


This committee guarantees quality of the scientific work performed by advising on scientific aspects and acting as an independent arbitrator within the consortium on scientific matters.

The national scientific committee consists of all relevant stakeholders in every participating country (policy makers, representatives of health providers, health professionals and civil society representatives). This committee provides technical support to the research and contributes to disseminating research findings along the research.

The national steering committee consists of principal actors involved in health care in each country, thus consisting of heath professionals, mangers, and health care users together with researchers. This committee has been set up to accompany the realization of the project and will be responsible of the design and implementation of the interventions.