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Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II Equity-LA II

Capacity building

Capacity building is a transversal component of Equity-LA II, is essential for applying the adopted participatory action-research methodology and will take place throughout its implementation in the three main areas:


  • Generation of evidence for the formulation of policies that improve care integration in the Latin American countries and contribution to enhancing the national and international policy makers’ capacities for the planning, management and organization of health systems on care integration. Policy makers will be involved from the beginning on in the research process
  • Strengthening of research capacities in all involved institutions first, through the collaboration and exchange between teams European Union - Latin America and South-South and second, through the specific training of junior researchers
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills and motivation of health professionals that participate in the project by means of in-service training programmes on improving care coordination and quality of care