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To evaluate the impact of different types of integrated health care networks (IHN) to health care access and the health care provision efficiency, with particular reference to women's health care (MCC) in two Latin American countries: Colombia and Brazil. 

  1. To analyse how equity in access and health care provision efficiency are approached by health sector policies.
  2. To establish the influence and opinions of key actors (policy makers, managers, health personnel and potential users) in relation to potential access to integrated health care networks.
  3. To find out the extent, equity level and factors in peoples’ actual access to health care, particularly to women's health care, adequate to their health needs from integrated health care networks and factors that determine it.
  4. To analyse the performance of different types of IHN relating to their final aims of continuity of care and efficiency, particularly in women's health care and determine contextual and internal factors influencing it.
  5. To provide evidence for the development of evidence-based policy-making to improve access to efficient health care across and beyond study countries. 


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