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Launching of the population survey in Brazil

April - May 2011

Launching of the population survey in Brazil

Coaching supervison

Under the Equity-LA project, the population survey has started in Brazil, which is part of the second phase of the data collection project being conducted in parallel in Brazil and Colombia.

The objective is to determine the equity of access, the determinants of access and also the perception of continuity of care for users of Brazilian public health system (Sistema Unico de Saúde, SUS). 

The study areas referred are the municipality of Caruaru and Recife Health District 3.3, where would be interviewed a random sample of 2,303 residents. Field work began in Caruaru, where interviews are planned for 1223 and will continue in Recife, for a sample of 1,080. Data collection will be done by applying the questionnaire, previously developed and piloted by the team in Equity-LA- in home interviews conducted by a team of about 50-60 interviewers, who are students from various faculties of the municipalities of study, and have been previously trained by the coordinating team. 

In Caruaru, the interviewers are students of the Faculty Asces (Caruaruense Associação de Ensino Superior) of Physical Education, biomedicine and pharmacy, as well as Council staff. The monitoring is being conducted by six graduates, including Irene García, member of the research team of the Servei d'Estudis the CSC / UPE, IMIP, CPqAM (Brazil). 

For the development of fieldwork, the team received support from the Secretariat of the Municipality's Health department and the Faculty ASCESA ( Associação Caruaruense de Ensino Superior).

As the final phase, it will be analyzed the data from Brazil and is expected to have preliminary results towards the end of the year. Afterwards, it will be compared with those obtained in the parallel survey in Colombia, using the same methodology. Finally, it will be contrasted equity data and continuity of care in both countries, to establish recommendations for improvement.

The population survey began in late april and was coordinated by Drs. M. Luisa Vázquez and Ingrid Vargas of the CSC, the leader team project and Prof. Rejane Ferreira and Irene García of the Universidade de Pernambuco (UPE)/ Instituto de Medicina Integral Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP)/Centro de Pesquisas Aggeu Magalhães (CPqAM), project coordinator team in Brazil.

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