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4th Meeting of Principal Investigators

From 21 to 25 January took place in Barcelona the 4th Principal Investigators Meeting, gathering the PI of the institutions participating in the project Equity-LA

The meeting gathered the CSC team, leader of the project was composed of Dr. M.Luisa Vazquez, Dr. Ingrid Vargas, Irene Garcia, Sina Waibel and Marta B. Aller, also Prof. Dr. Jean Pierre Unger and Dr. Pierre de Paepe the Instituut voor Prins Tropische Geneeskunde Leopold (Belgium), Prof. Dr. Amparo Mogollon, University of Rosario (Colombia) and Prof. Dr. Rejane Ferreira of the University of Pernambuco (Brazil). It is the first time that a meeting of the project take place in Europe. So far, the meetings were hosted by members of the Latin American countries. 

During the meeting were assessed the results achieved so far and the tasks to be developed during the next seven months were planned, coinciding with the last phase of the project, which ends in August 2013. During this period will be conducted a comparative analysis transnational (Colombia - Brazil) to be drawn from the case studies of each country will work on the preparation of scientific papers and a book on the results of the project, two activities dissemination of knowledge. Finally, the International Seminar to be held in Bogota in August 2013 was scheduled. 

The results of this project will be used as the starting point of the European project Equity-LA II, which will start in August 2013, also led by CSC that includes the participation of eight European and Latin American countries.


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