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News Item Seminario Internacional de conclusión del proyecto
Bogotá 15-16 de agosto de 2013
News Item The European Commission funds the new project Equity-LA II
The impact of alternative care integration strategies on Health Care Networks’ performance in different Latin American health systems
News Item International Seminar "Access and coordination in health care networks in the health systems of Colombia and Brazil"
15-16th August 2013, Bogota (Colombia)
News Item 4th International Workshop
August 12-14, 2013 Bogota (Colombia)
News Item 4th Meeting of Principal Investigators
From 21 to 25 January took place in Barcelona the 4th Principal Investigators Meeting, gathering the PI of the institutions participating in the project Equity-LA
News Item Seminar "Desenvolvimento de sistemas de saúde: acesso e coordenação de redes de serviços de saúde na Colômbia e no Brasil"
May 15th, 2012 Recife (Brazil)
News Item 3rd International Workshop
May 7 - 15, 2012 Recife (Brazil)
News Item Participation in the course on social determinants and health
Universidad Federal de Rio Grande do Norte, December 2011
News Item 2nd International Scientific Committee Meeting
August, 9th and 10th 2011
News Item Seminar "Development of health systems: access and coordination of health services networks in Colombia and Brazil"
August 10th 2011. Universidad del Rosario
News Item III Principal Investigator Meeting
August 2011
News Item Launching of the population survey in Brazil
April - May 2011
News Item Visit from Belgian and Brazilian researchers in the Asces Faculty in Brazil
Researchers of the Equity Project-LA from Brazil and Belgium visited the Asces Faculty (Association of Superior Education Caruaruense) in Brazil
News Item Launch of the population survey in Colombia
February 2011
News Item 2nd International Workshop
Recife, from 24th September to 1st October 2010
News Item Presentation of the project Equity-LA in Belgium
Amberes, Belgium May 4th 2010
News Item 2nd Principal Investigators Meeting
Bogota, March from 5 to 9, 2010
News Item Presentation of the project Equity-LA in Brazil
Pernambuco, Brazil November 2, 2009
News Item 1st International Scientific Committee Meeting
Recife, Brasi, October 30, 2009
News Item 1st International Workshop
Recife, Brasil, from October 25/29 to November 2, 2009
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